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Posted by Kat Coble on July 6th, 2007 filed in Politics

…the rest of y’all may not care.

Ron Paul has a lot of money.

“I think some of the candidates are on the down-slope, and we’re on the up-slope,” said Paul.

Paul’s cash on hand puts him in third place in the Republican field in that important metric, although he is well behind leader Rudy Giuliani, who has $18 million in the bank, and Mitt Romney, with $12 million.

Now, I’m not really into the whole “my candidate’s bank account can beat up your candidate’s bank account” because I think it’s too much like judging the race by penis size. I mean, that’s what it really is–a test of who’s bigger. Pink Lingerie

But, you know, since Ron Paul has actually been bringing in some money, I’m glad. People often think we libertarians waste all our money on pot and hookers. It’s nice to see that we can send some of that cash toward a decentish Presidential candidate.

(Hat tip to Sharon Cobb)

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I remember this one time I had my wisdom teeth out and they gave me a hellacious combination of drugs.  And of course there are all the drugs from the various kidney stones.

At each of those drug times I’ve had tunnel vision, spots in my eyes, etc.

That’s kind of how I feel after reading white text on a blue background.   We’re changing it.  I promise.

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I realize this is a day late, but I wanted to get us moving along. How did you spend your 4th of July? Fireworks at the Riverfront? Grilling at home? What is the best way to celebrate the 4th in Nashville? If you have Flickr photos or video of your Independence Day festivities, please leave links in the comments. Printed Lingerie

As for me, I had a fantastic view of the fireworks from the rooftop bar of Graham Central Station on 2nd avenue. GCS is not normally my kind of place, but I couldn’t pass up free tickets (was $35) for such a good view of the show. I also had an amusing view of a lot of fake breasts (did Steeplechase move to a rooftop?), and folks dressed up like Captain America, Abe Lincoln, Cap’n Jack Sparrow (complete with mannerisms — not sure how that fits the theme), and Wonder Woman (it was a dude with chin scruff). I highly recommend rooftop viewing of the ‘works if you can find somewhere for it next year, and especially if you can find a roof that won’t cost you $35.

Update: Shoot. I didn’t mean to post on top of Kate. Go check out the Metroblogging & Music City Blogging discussion below.

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This is even better. This is a great start.

Some of you may have been following the navel-gazing conversation over at Metroblogging about its identity vis a vis Nashville Is Talking. Now there’s bound to be the question of MB’s identity vis a vis Music City Bloggers. Lesley even commented that at some point, the MCB people should meet with the MB people to figure it all out, and she’s right. So far, though, we do have some cross-over between the blogs and there are conversations taking place behind the scenes. Purple Lingerie

I do think it’s important that there are conversations taking place out in the open, too, so I’ll open that subject up here as well as there. What’s interesting about Metroblogging is that it’s effectively a regional blogging franchise, which means, among other things, that it has plenty of domain name credibility, which is good, but it also comes with an overarching set of expectations. None of those expectations are all that stringent, though, and for the most part, we’ve been free to interpret our identity as we see fit.

The advantage I see of a place like Music City Bloggers, though, is the strength of a group of people who have felt a part of something they liked, and want to do it even better. The identity is wide open, the rules are wide open, and the people who get to determine the identity and the rules are themselves the primary contributors. To me, that’s ideal.

So far I see several folks talking about the aggregator, which is clearly important. That’s noted.

But what else will it take to make Music City Bloggers your favorite Nashville blog? Comments! We want comments.

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You’re probably used to seeing me blather at Nashville is Talking. If you are like some people, you’re probably glad to see me go.

I’m gonna resist the urge to quote that tired Mark Twain thing about death and great exaggeration. Kinda.

So what IS this new thing? Why did I quit writing for the old thing? What’s going on over there?

Let’s start with the last question and work our way backward, shall we?

What’s going on over there?

I can’t tell you, because I don’t know. I was never a true “insider”. I was not an employee. I was somebody who volunteered to fill in for my friend’s vacation days, but then had the terms of my volunteership extended as we all waited to hear the plans for the website. They thanked me for my patience. They appreciated my effort. I had fun.

Their long-term plans are still unknown to me.

Why did I quit writing for the old thing?

As I said above, I was a volunteer for the old thing. I don’t mind blogging for free. If I did I wouldn’t have been hanging out on the Internet writing in one form or another forever. I didn’t mind blogging for them for free. But as I discussed the future with one of the WKRN employees I realised that what I and others wanted would never entirely be what they wanted. That’s not a problem. It was their house and their rules.

As anyone who has been a surly teenager chafing against their parents’ curfew knows, there are two solutions to that dilemma. You can either put up and shut up or you can grow up and move out.

So what IS this new thing?

That’s what this site is. Our new home. We’ve grown up and moved out. I say “we” because this is very much a team effort, and very open to all who desire to be a part of our community’s new experiment. Ivy set the ball in motion. A dozen other people are already signed on as contributers–but I’m writing this at 4:30 in the morning and want to clear it with them before I start dropping their names all over the place. But trust me, it’s a good batch.

What you see here today is the beginning. The placeholder. The kickstart. In the next few weeks a few minor details will change as we slap on new coats of paint, hang curtains, design our logo. All of that, though, is window-dressing.

What will happen here is this. There will be a building and fostering of community. We will have political commentary from both sides of the fence. (Think “Crossfire” without the shouting and bowties.) In fact, we’re looking for some conservative partners. I’m more conservative than others, being that I’m a libertarian, but if you ask some conservatives they’ll tell you that Libertarians are nutcases who can’t be trusted. So if anyone is interested in being a non-nutcase conservative, drop us a line in the comments.

We plan to have an aggregator and a few other community-building tools as well.

We will have regular meet-ups to use real-world ties to reinforce our sense of online community. Although we get that most of you are shy and don’t want to come to those things.

We are applying for membership in the Media Bloggers Association.

In short, we are putting our money where our mouth is.

We welcome you all to our experiment. Thanks for coming and thanks for being here.

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I will write something good here soon. Keep checking back.


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