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Posted by Kat Coble on July 6th, 2007 filed in Politics

…the rest of y’all may not care.

Ron Paul has a lot of money.

“I think some of the candidates are on the down-slope, and we’re on the up-slope,” said Paul.

Paul’s cash on hand puts him in third place in the Republican field in that important metric, although he is well behind leader Rudy Giuliani, who has $18 million in the bank, and Mitt Romney, with $12 million.

Now, I’m not really into the whole “my candidate’s bank account can beat up your candidate’s bank account” because I think it’s too much like judging the race by penis size. I mean, that’s what it really is–a test of who’s bigger.

But, you know, since Ron Paul has actually been bringing in some money, I’m glad. People often think we libertarians waste all our money on pot and hookers. It’s nice to see that we can send some of that cash toward a decentish Presidential candidate. Black Lingerie

(Hat tip to Sharon Cobb)

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