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Registered students may obtain Enrollment Verifications (proof of enrollment) from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) via MyAUM according to the following schedule:

     • Spring Semester: Available beginning at the end of December

国产偷拍视频     • Summer Semester: Available beginning the second week of June

国产偷拍视频     • Fall Semester: Available beginning the second week of August

Enrollment verifications required before these begin dates must be processed by the Registrar’s Office. Requests can be made in person; by emailing Records@musiccitybloggers.com国产偷拍视频; or calling 334-244-3125.

How to create an Enrollment Verification Certificate through the NSC:

    • Log on to MyAUM

    • Click on the Webster orange icon located in the upper left hand corner

    • Click on “Student Services”

    • Click on “Student Records”

国产偷拍视频    • Click on “Student Enrollment Verification”

    • Select either Current Enrollment (for current semester only) or All Enrollment (for all semesters attended)

Once you have selected one of the above options click on the hyperlink "Obtain an Enrollment Certificate"

国产偷拍视频Note:  A Social security number is required to request enrollment verifications online. Students not having SSNs will need to contact the Registrar’s Office to receive enrollment verification documentation.

At the NSC site, you have the option to:

   • Obtain an enrollment certificate for your current semester enrollment or for all enrollments.
   • View the enrollment information on file with the Clearinghouse.
   • View specific information about your student loans, including deferment notifications that the Clearinghouse has provided to your loan holders.

Additional Details about NSC:

Linking to the NSC site through MyAUM allows you to securely:
    • Print an enrollment verification certificate to send to health insurance and housing agencies, employers, or others. 
    • View enrollment history.
    • View enrollment verifications previously provided at your request.
    • Obtain a list of your student loan lenders and link to real-time loan information.
国产偷拍视频     • Check deferment forms and electronic notifications sent to lenders

Full-time status is certified by the following policy:
    • Full-time undergraduate students = 12 or more semester hours
    • Full-time graduate students = 9 or more semester hours
    • Half-time undergraduate students = 6-11.99 semester hours
    • Half-time graduate students = 4.5-8.99 semester hours
    • Less than half-time undergraduate students = Fewer than 6 semester hours
    • Less than half-time graduate students = Fewer than 4.5 semester hours

Good Standing Letters

Good Standing Letters are required for a number of reasons, but most often when a student wishes to take classes at another institution as a transient.   At AUM, to be considered in good standing academically, students must have at least a 2.00 grade point average for both their AUM and cumulative GPAs.

Letters of good standing can be requested in person; by emailing Records@musiccitybloggers.com ; or calling 334-244-3125.


Degree Verifications – Third Party

The National Student Clearinghouse is Auburn University at Montgomery’s authorized agent for 

国产偷拍视频providing enrollment and degree verifications to employers and background screening firms.

The National Student Clearinghouse Degree Verification services can be contacted at: 

             E-mail: degreeverify@studentclearinghouse.org 

For general inquiries, the National Student Clearinghouse may be contacted at:
 (703) 742-4200 
Fax: (703) 318-4058
Mail: 2300 Dulles Station Blvd.
Suite 3000
Herndon, VA 20171


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