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AUM Housing Forms

Warhawk Living... Simplified!

This is your one stop shop for all electronic forms needed in Housing. If you have any difficulty completing any of the forms below, please contact Housing and Residence Life. We are always just a call 334-244-3296 away. You can also reach us by email at housing@musiccitybloggers.com.

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Warhawks Preparing to Arrive: Forms You May Need Before Arriving

  • : Complete this form prior to arrival so we can collect important contact information about you.
  • : If you would like to arrive before or after the published move-in date, complete this form to formally request. Requests to move in early may incur additional fees. If you need to move in late, you must request to do so or your assignment may be administratively cancelled.
  • : Residents are not required to have a mailbox on campus. However, you must have one if you plan to receive mail or packages regularly at the university. Use this form to request a university mailbox; there is no additional charge for Housing residents.
  • : If you would like to request a change of room assignment or roommate, please complete this form. Changes are made based on availability.


Warhawks Who Have Landed: Forms You May Need While You're Here

  • : In housing, we want to make sure you get just the right fit. If your current room isn't a good fit, we're always happy to help you find a better fit. Just request a room change using this form. Room changes begin after the second full week of classes.
  • : Complete this form if you would like to appeal any housing fees on your student account.


 Warhawks Flying Out: Forms You May Need As You're Preparing to Leave

  • : Residents that have an application on file and plan to stay in Housing for the upcoming semester do not have to vacate their current assignment. Residents moving out of housing will need to move out on the published move-out date. Complete this form to request an extension if you plan to move out at the end of the semester but need to move out past the published move-out date. Please be aware that additional charges may apply for late move out.
  • : If you are moving out of Housing and breaking your contractual obligation, you must complete this form.


Where am I Living?

You can always check your most updated room assignment information by logging into the Housing Online System. Just go to MyAUM国产偷拍视频 to check it out!